Nr. 6 – Seebergsattel

Seebergsattel and view on Grintovec

Mountain passes that cross international borders are always extra special and the Seebergsattel is one of those. This mountain pass crosses the Austrian-Slovenian border. Both sides are not so difficult to climb. The Austrian side had 16 hairpin bends and has a moderate gradient. On the Slovenian side, the climb starts out very easy, along a little river, with beautiful views on the Grintovec mountain range. Near to the top, the gradient gets steeper, and due to the length of the climb, therefor it can be tyring. 

The remote and isolated location of this climb, makes that it´s a very calm and quiet area. You could encounter a few motor cycles, but else you’re going to be all alone. An ideal climb to forget your day-to-day business, and dream off and enjoy the landscape.

The Seebergsattel is a mountain pass located in the Eastern Alps, on the border between Austria and Slovenia. It has an elevation of 1,226 meters above sea level and connects the Austrian region of Carinthia with the Slovenian region of Koroška. The pass road offers stunning views of the Karavanke mountain range to the north and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps to the south.

Not far from the Seebergsattel, you will find the Loibl pass a bit more to the west.

The Seebergsattel is a very old mountain pass with a rich history. In Eisenkappel, there are old remains, of a castle that was built in the 15th century to protect against Turkish invasions.

The area is also a perfect place to make hiking trips: check out komoot for more inspiration.