Nr. 7 – Loibl Pass

The Loibl Pass is a mountain pass that connects Austria and Slovenia. Cycling this pass from Austria, your journey will begin in the small town of Ferlach. As you begin climbing the pass, you’ll ride on a comfortably wide mountain road with good asphalt, surrounded by remote and green forests.

The climb starts rather tough because some sections have percentages up to 15%. But after the rough start, you’ll have a 5 km stretch where you can recover and catch your breath. Once you think you’re almost at the top, the incline suddenly rises again. The second-to-last kilometre has an average incline of 13%, which is noticeable and challenging.

All in all, considering the nature, the asphalt, and the quietness, the climb is worth to select on your route.

Alternative to the Loible Pass you could consider cycling the .

Loibl pass tunnel

When cycling over Loibl pass, you will not pass the top of the mountain crest, but through a tunnel (1,5km length) into Slovenia. This tunnel descends in the direction of Austria to Slovenia. If you want to cycle this pass we would advice to do this from the Austrian side, because in that case you avoid, haveing to climb through the tunnel.

Alternative to Loibl pass

In case you need to cross the Karawanken in the opposite direction, so from Slovenia to Austria, you could consider crossing via the Seebergsattel. On the Seebergsattel is no tunnel to cross through and beside that, the view on the Grintovec-mountain area is awesome.

Tunnel lighting

Although the tunnel lighting is quite clear, it is still a clever idea to mount proper lights on your bike, because of the length of the tunnel.

The Loible pass is an ancient connection over the Karawanken with a rich history, where during the war, the Nazi-Germany started the construction of a tunnel. In 1963-64, this tunnel expanded to a two-lane tunnel to handle the traffic. It used to be an important road connecting Klagenfurt and Kranj, but its significance has decreased since the opening of the Karawanken Motorway Tunnel in 1991.

If you want to read more about the fascinating and rich history of the Loibl Pass then make sure to check the Wikipedia page about the Loibl Pass.

The Loibl Pass is situated on the border between Austria and Slovenia, at a height of 1,367 metres above the Adriatic Sea.

It is located between the Wurzen pass in the west and the Seebergsattel in the east, which are both alternative crossings for cyclists over the Karawanks, between Austria and Slovenia.

The pass is also located nearby the Karawanken-tunnel, but in this tunnel, cycling is prohibited.

Since the opening of the Karawanken Tunnel in 1991, the pass has lost its function as a main connection. As a result, the road is now much quieter than before: ideal for cyclists seeking a peaceful and scenic ride. Moreover, heavy traffic is not allowed on the road, providing even more space for cyclists to ride safely and comfortably.