The Zoncolan is a very challenging mountain pass, known for its steep gradient. Escpecially the last 3 km are brutal! If you take the innercurve, you have to cycle on percentages of over 40%. So better take the outside of the turns. Officaly the steepest parts of the climbs are measured a 23%.

The Zoncolan has been featured as a stage in the Giro d’Italia, seven times since 2003.

The Zoncolan is located in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy and is known for its natural beauty and challenging terrain. It has been featured in the Giro d’Italia multiple times and is considered one of the most difficult climbs in professional cycling.

the Zoncolan is a popular destination for recreational cyclists and tourists due to its stunning views and challenging terrain. It is surrounded by picturesque towns and villages, and is located in a region renowned for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

We currently don´t have cycling programs on the Zoncolan.